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We provide 100% confidential post-abortion support.
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Langley abortion support

Have you been asking yourself "where can I get an abortion in Langley?" Have you suffered through having an abortion? Are you feeling lost, hopeless and guilty? Hope for Women Pregnancy Services in Langley provides 100% Langley abortion support services for those who are post-abortion.

Are you dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and saying to yourself "how can I get an abortion?" Or, have you been thinking to yourself "I want to get an abortion" and have questions on what to do? Did you know that there are options to abortion? Not only do we provide Langley abortion support services, Hope for Women Pregnancy Services in Langley is also about supporting you as a person. We provide 100% confidential post-abortion services, helping you move through all the stages of your journey. We're not a medical facility that performs abortions, recommends abortion services or refers expectant mothers to abortion clinics. We're about restoration and helping you move through your traumatic post-abortion time.

We understand how making a single choice can change the rest of your life. We understand how the guilt of that decision can weigh you down. We've had many women, just like you, visit with us and share their personal experience. We recognize that this is a very difficult experience for many women and not one taken lightly.

We're not here to judge. We understand.

We're not here to judge. We're here to support, listen and help you through your feelings, emotions and help restore you as you walk through your healing journey. Our peer-counselors are trained for post-abortive counseling and are available to listen to you, share with you, and to walk forward with you.

How can we help?

Your confidentiality is of utmost important to us. Your information will be kept completely private and anything we discuss is between you and us. No matter what, we're here to support you. You can call us directly at our Langley office at 604.427.3939

You can also text “HOPE” to 393939 for complete anonymity. You may also email us today by using the short form on this page and we will connect with you right away.


Important: We are not a medical facility. Any medical concerns should be addressed with your physician.

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