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she might be pregnant

She’s not sure, but she thinks that she might be pregnant. Whether you’re her partner, a family member, or a friend, this is a lot to take in for both of you. We’re glad that you’re here because it probably means that you want the best for her, and that you’re trying to do what you can to help.

You probably already know this, but we’re going to say it again. She needs you, maybe more now than ever. We’re happy that you’re there for her, and that you’re looking for information.


she needs you

As you know, any pregnancy scare can be tough to deal with for anyone involved, but especially for her. There are some important ways for you to support her during this time.

how you can help her

  • Stay calm.  You may be feeling a lot of things right now – that’s normal and okay. Your feelings can be overwhelming, but try not to focus on the negative. You can’t change the past, but you can look ahead to the future.
  • Don’t pressure her.  Even though you may think that you know what the best option is, give her the time and space that she needs to decide. Pregnancy is life-changing no matter what she decides, and she needs to know all the information about all her options in order to come to the best decision and be at peace with it.
  • Encourage her in getting information about each option.  The best decision is a fully informed one, and this is a very important decision in which to understand all of the life-changing options. Support her as she thinks about each one.
  • Bring her to Hope for Women.  We want her to make the decision that is right for her, and we want the best for you both. A trained peer-counselor can help her to take a free pregnancy test and will talk openly about all of her options, offering information and support throughout the whole decision making process. If you would like, she can also meet with you!

we’re here to help you too

A peer-counselor is available to talk to you, either with her or separately. This is something that has an effect on you, and we’re here to support you as well as her. If you would like, you can also talk to a trained male who is able to discuss things man to man.

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